Data Governance For Leaders

Introducing our “Data Governance for Leaders” public course – a game-changing course developed by Castlebridge Daragh O Brien who is at the forefront of shaping the future of data governance frameworks. This immersive course equips business leaders to:

  • Understand what Data Governance is, its significance in business operations, how it affects the relationship between people and data
  • Understand the role of Data Steward in ensuring data integrity, quality assurance processes and compliance within an organisation
  • Be able to explain Data Governance as a strategic management framework, demonstrating its alignment with business objectives and regulatory requirements
  • Be able to explain the inputs, activities, and outputs of a Data Governance function to enhance organizational decision-making and risk management capabilities and support the sustainable implementation of digital transformation or data innovation.

Our cutting-edge curriculum combines fundamental concepts with practical applications through real-world case studies and interactive activities. Participants will gain implementation-ready skills tuned to emerging governance standards.

Book now and save 25% in our SummerSale using the discount code SummerSale (€562.5 incl. VAT per delegate vs €750 per delegate)

For groups of 2 or more contact us on sales@castlebridge.ie to explore discounts or bringing “Data Governance for Leaders” to your organization!

This course is delivered online over two half-days using Microsoft Teams. Links to online sessions will be provided on registration.



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