Compliant Direct Marketing (half-day remote seminar)

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Introduction and Purpose

This course is designed to provide practical guidance on direct marketing in compliance with data protection law. Delegates will gain a detailed grounding on current rules relating to direct marketing in Ireland, an understanding of how data management practice impact compliance and get an up-to-date guidance on electronic direct marketing.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • What is Direct Marketing
    • Legislative landscape for Direct Marketing
    • Legal Bases for Direct Marketing Activities
    • Profiling under GDPR
  2. What does valid consent look like?
  3. Postal Direct Marketing
    • Lawful Bases for Direct marketing (non-electronic)
    • Legitimate Interests balancing tests
    • Data Lineage, Mailing Lists and Data Brokers
    • Fairness and Transparency
  4. Electronic Direct Marketing
    • Legislative landscape for electronic direct marketing
    • Current ePrivacy Directives and S.I. 336 of 2011 (ePrivacy Regulations)
    • Email Marketing of similar goods and services” Regulation 13(11) (the  “soft opt-in” misnomer)
    • Electronic receipts
    • ePrivacy, Cookies, Trackers, and email pixels
    • B2B vs B2C marketing and ePrivacy
  5. Understanding your eMarketing footprint
  6. Marketing and Children’s data in the Data Protection Act 2018
  7. Guidance from the DPC, EDPB, and Relevant CJEU Decisions


Training will be delivered through a half-day online instructor-led seminar. Delegates will receive a certificate evidencing their attendance and the content covered for their own Continuous Professional Development records.


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