Ethical Data & Information Management (1st Edition)

Published in 2018 by Kogan Page, Ethical Data and Information Management: Concepts, Tools, and Methods looks at the questions of data ethics through the lens of existing data management disciplines. The book also looks at the Castlebridge E2IM Framework, which was first published in 2015. Written by Katherine O’Keefe and Daragh O Brien.

Cover of Ethical Data & Information Management

If there’s one thing that modern practitioners in the field need to add to their toolkits, it’s a solid grounding in ethics. There’s no shortage of opinion on this, but what really sets this book apart is the way it provides a structured framework for considering these issues, giving the reader real actionable insights and a tour of the academic literature for good measure. While the authors wear their learning lightly, this is an intellectually layered work from which even the most grizzled practitioner will learn something. It should be required reading for information governance professionals, lawyers and data scientists, and policy-makers would do well to read it, too.

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