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Find out how the GDPR will impact your organisation in practice, and learn about the potential "value add" from the requirements for compliance in other areas of your organisation, as well as the potential pitfalls that may arise as the Regulation is rolled out and enforcement commences!

We have been working on Data Retention policy reviews for a number of clients recently. One element of our approach is a benchmarking exercise against peer organisations domestically or internationally to assess the "reasonableness" and proportionality of proposed retention periods. In one review we found that domestic peers had identified quite a lot of "Retain Indefinitely" retention periods. Coincidentally, these were applied to records which related to accidents, incidents, and activities... + read more
The one slide summary of the GDPR (c) Castlebridge Associates
IntroductionThis post is a short one we have prepared ahead of Data Privacy Day. Our most requested slide in Data Protection presentations since 2014 has been our "One Slide Summary of the GDPR". It has been through a few iterations but still stands up to the task of explaining how the different elements of the GDPR interact. We've extended it to include our 11-box model for Information Governance and Information Quality to show how the requirements of the GDPR relate to key governance areas in... + read more
graphic illustrating data protection/security sourced from, made by Geralt
IntroductionOne of the key changes that the GDPR will bring about is a change to how organisations need to organise their internal governance around personal data.Under the current Data Protection Acts, organisations are required to register with the Data Protection Commissioner – literally to tell the Regulator what they are doing with personal data – unless they can avail of a range of exemptions. The fact of the exemptions made this requirement largely meaningless for the majority of... + read more
[Note: This post is not intended as legal advice but is for information purposes. Also, as the final text of the Regulation has not yet been published, Article references may differ post Q1 2016. We will update this post when the final text is released for publication to the Official Journal of the EU]The General Data Protection Regulation contains a significantly increased scope of offences compared to the current Irish Data Protection Acts. Perhaps most significantly, Article 79 of the... + read more

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