GDPR: Our most requested slide

We've updated our most requested slide of 2014-2015 in celebration of Data Privacy Day 2016.Our slide summarises the high level themes of the GDPR, and illustrates how a strategic approach to Information Governance will support compliance.Click here to read our short summary of the slide!

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Data Protection, Information Governance, Information Quality

What We Do

We provide a range of pragmatic and practical consulting services to clients to support strategic planning and execution in the areas of

  • Information & Data Governance
  • Informtion Strategy
  • Information Quality Improvement
  • Data Protection Compliance

We apply our in-house structured methodologies to help clients deliver tangible results quickly and effectively

We provide a range of education, training, and coaching services to clients.

  • 1-to-1 "Bootcamp" instruction
  • Online instructor lead instruction
  • On-site training
  • Coaching
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Bespoke/Tailored education

Our training materials are aligned with leading certification syllabus requirements. All trainers are experienced practitioners.

Our current Public Training Catalogue can be found HERE

We promote awareness of information management issues & opportunities through:

  • Research studies, Whitepapers, & Publications
  • Media comment / debate
  • Support for Civic Society organisations
  • Presentations at Conferences

Our team are all internationally rated conference speakers and tutors.

Who We Are

Castlebridge Associates is a specialist firm providing insight, advice, and education for organisations looking to improve their approach to managing and benefiting from information.

Drawing on almost two decades of experience and leadership at the interface of Business and Technology, we apply proven methods and pragmatic approaches to help organisations of all sizes unlock the value in their information with a holistic perspective that makes strategic connections between Information Governance, Data Privacy, and Information Quality. 

Our Clients

If your organisation is using information, you are a potential client of Castlebridge Associates.

We work with a wide range of clients from start-ups to Public Service bodies, from Financial Services to Non-Profits.

In addition to our services to businesses, we also support individuals who avail of our training and coaching services to help develop their professional skills in Information Management disciplines.

To find out more about the types of engagement we undertake, take a look at our Case Studies, which are updated regularly.

Our Vision

Our simple aim is to change how people in organisations think about information so that they can better:

  • Value it
  • Trust it
  • Nurture it
  • Enjoy it

In doing so, we will contribute to a better society supported by trusted and trustworthy information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change how people in organisations think about information so they can add value, deliver benefits, and avoid risk.

We achieve this through a pragmatic evidence-based focus on human factors in the management of Information that affect how people in organisations understand and deliver on the Information and Process outcomes their customers want, as well as a practical perspective on the role of technology in Information Management.

We apply recognised reference standards and frameworks to client challenges, applying fundamental principles in innovative ways to address newly emerging needs and opportunities. 

Recent Blog Posts

To solve problems, first define them

puzzle pieces

One of the great things about running a boutique research-driven consultancy in the Information Governance/Quality/Privacy space is that we get asked by clients to look at interesting things and figure out not just what the opportunity is that exists in the problems and challenges of today. What are the things that are happening in the information space that are creating risks as people "run with scissors" to adopt new technologies and ways of working without necessarily understanding the full range of issues and risks.

I personally like this as it means we get to work on some really fun stuff, some of which goes nowhere (we find there are either no opportunities - the client is simply trying to repeal the laws of information physics) but some of which has significant potential. I like it because we get to work with people like the team at Medxnote who have some interesting ideas about how to solve a problem that Healthcare organisations are just beginning to wake up to.

The key challenge in helping companies like Medxnote define their information strategy is helping them to understand what the problem is that they are trying to solve. My personal preference is to find the complex problem and then solve it simply and elegantly. That usually means breaking the problem down into discrete chunks and figuring out what is urgent, what is essential, and what is "shiny". 

I can't talk in detail (yet) about the work we are doing for Medxnote, but it has been a journey that has highlighted and confirmed a few things from my nearly two decades experience in information change management.

Latest News

Safe Harbor - Forecast not good

ship run aground

The negotiations on Safe Harbor replacement have ended. It appears (unsurprisingly) that no deal has been reached. Key gaps remained in relation to the fundamental issues that were raised in the Schrems case: oversight of mass surveillance to ensure necessity and proportionality and the availability of legal redress in the US for EU citizens for processing of data.

Max Schrems sums up the key sticking point:

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