In July 2021 Castlebridge turned 12. To celebrate this we embarked on a series of interviews with data management pioneers who have inspired us and helped shape our thinking on data and how organisations and society need to improve their management of it.

While the series is running we will be giving away 12 books every month as well, drawn from the various books referenced by the data management pioneers we have spoken with during this series. Each week there is a different question based on that week’s interview. And, even if you miss the competition, you can still watch all the recordings here.

In this short video, John talks about one of his books, Data Governance (2nd Edition) and how the book evolved. He also talks about topics he would, in hindsight, have wanted to include in the book.

John also talks about the importance of strategy execution in data management and how that is a key gap in many organisations. Finally, he highlights how important it is for data management professionals to read outside of data management to develop wider skillsets.

In this short video, Katherine talks about the motivations behind writing the EDIM book and how, back in 2015 when we started the research and scoping out the models we developed in the book, there wasn't a lot of substantive content available about the practice of implementing ethics in data management and data management practices.

Katherine also discusses a book that influenced her way of thinking about data and information. And (in true Dr O'Keefe style) it is not what we would first expect and is definitely one that data management professionals should seek out!

In this short video (edited down from a fantastic conversation), Tom shares his insights into the critical importance of data quality to organisations of all sizes. He also talks about the importance of the fundamentals of data to society. He shares some thoughts on his book Data Driven - Profiting From your Most Important Business Asset. This book sets out some essential things organisations need to do to effectively manage data as an asset.

Tom also echoes the theme from other authors we interviewed, that "People who want to lead the charge in the data space need to be incredibly well-read."

This is the fourth of our Author Interviews in our 12 Weeks of Books to celebrate Castlebridge's 12th birthday.

In this video, Katherine O'Keefe talks with Danette McGilvray about her ground breaking Data Quality book "Executing Data Quality Projects", which has recently been updated with a second edition. Danette also shares her insight on a book that has helped shape her thinking on data management and data quality.

In the fifth interview in our series of chats with data management authors Daragh O Brien talked with fellow Dubliner Barry Devlin about his 2013 book Business unIntelligence and the books that have influenced Barry's own thinking on data and data management.

In this episode of our #12Years12Authors video podcast series, Daragh O Brien chatted with Bob Seiner of KIK Consulting,, and Non-Invasive Data Governance fame about his book and the book (actually books) that have influenced his thinking.

In this special edition episode of our #12Years12Authors video podcast series, Daragh O Brien chatted with himself about one of his books (available for free on the Castlebridge website) and a book that influenced him. This episode is actually an example of the topic discussed in the book Daragh has chosen as an influence...

In this 11th episode of our #12Authors12Years series of interviews with data management authors and thought leaders, Daragh O Brien chats with Alec Sharp of Clariteq Consulting about his 2008 book WorkFlow Modeling (2nd Edition) and the books he has read that have influenced his thinking about data and management. And then he has to pick JUST ONE as his favourite!

In this 12th episode of #12Authors12Years best-selling novelist Graeme Simsion shares insights on his data management career, Data Modeling Essentials, and Design Thinking.
Graeme proves that there really is life after data, but even in that life, the data world brings transferable skills!